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lesson plans  

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class syllabus  

South Middle School

8th Grade Reading/Language Arts Syllabus 2017/2018


Teacher: Mrs. Harper


School Website:


Course Description: By the end of 8th grade, students will build skills in fiction and nonfiction reading, speaking and listening, writing, and language based on the standards from the Tennessee Department of Education.


Required Materials:

Notebook Paper Composition notebook

Pencils/Pens Binder

Student Agenda Library Book


Assignments and Grades:

Incomplete or late work will only be accepted up to 3 days after the assignment is due.  The grade will be dropped by 10 points of the original grade that the student earned.


Makeup work will be expected 3 days after the student has received the assignment.  If a test or quiz is to be made up, the student may take the test the day he or she returns to school, or the student may schedule a time with the teacher after school.


Students are responsible for writing down their late work and/or makeup work and keeping up with what day it is due or will be accepted.  If it is not turned in on time, it will be counted as a ZERO.


Grades will be broken down as follows:

Class work: 15% Projects/Book Reports: 35%

Bellringers/Reading: 10% Tests: 30%

Participation: 10%


Bellringers will be given daily.  Students who are late to class will receive a ZERO for the day’s bellringer unless they bring and excused slip with them to class.  If a student is absent for the day, the day’s bellringer will not be made up, but it also will not count against the student.  At the end of every week, the bellringers from the week will count as one grade.  


Classwork will occur regularly.  If it is not finished in class, most of the time students will be allowed to take it home to finish.


All lessons will be posted on the website.


Tutoring will be available.  Check the website for available times, email me, or call the school.


You may email me at or contact the school during my planning (2nd period 9:03-10:03 MTRF and 9:00-9:57 W)



  1. Listen when the teacher is speaking or when your peer is speaking to the class.

  2. Learn from your mistakes.

  3. Ask Relevant questions.

  4. Be prepared and on time.

  5. Be kind and respectful.

  6. Stay in your seat.

  7. Sit up straight in your desk.

  8. Do your work.



  1. Essays and book reports must be written in INK or TYPED.

  2. No smacking gum or blowing bubbles.  If I see or hear it, you will be required to spit it out, and not allowed to get another piece.

  3. Only water in its ORIGINAL water bottle allowed, and must be placed on the floor beside your desk.

  4. Tidy up your area.  No one leaves until it is all clean.  Teacher dismisses student, not the bell.


Additional rules can be found in the student agenda under Discipline Policy.  


Any of the above information may be altered at the teacher’s discretion.  If so, students will be notified in class, and they can change it on the syllabus.



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