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Lesson Plans/Syllabus

Daily Agenda  

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2018 Class Syllabus:

Ms. Wells’ 6th grade RLA Syllabus

Contact Information:

Ms. Wendy Wells

School Phone Number: 931-967-7355


Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts! I am looking forward to a productive and successful school year.  We will begin the school year with working on writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary skills.  We will be using EngageNY as our reading curriculum.  I will have a class set of each novel in the classroom; however, it would be nice if your child has his/her own copy to have for home when homework is assigned.  These books are available on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.  The first book we will read is Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief. 


Here is a list of what you need to bring to class in order to be successful in Language Arts:

*binder with a reading/English section

*composition notebook for notes (this will stay in classroom unless brought home to study)

*loose leaf paper (need to replenish throughout the year)

* pens/pencils/highlighters (please keep up with pencils – have a few extras in locker)


* colored pencils for assignments and projects


Your grade will be based on an accumulation of in-class assignments, homework, assessments, projects, writing assignments, and participation.   I do not weigh my grades.  If we have a project I will count it twice in the gradebook.

Progress Reports

Although Skyward gives you and your parents the ability to check your grades at any time, we will send home progress reports on the 3rd week of each 6 weeks. This is so you can stay informed of how you are doing in class.

Grade Recording:  For keeping up with grades, the district uses Skyward.  Each student will have student username.  If you have access to the internet, you can go to and create an account (this is free!).  I will give everyone their username and temporary password once I receive this information.   After you have created an account, you can access the grades and assignment.

**Please note, you and only you will have access to your student information.  No one else can access your student’s account.

Website: If you internet access, please take the time to check out our website.  This is an extremely good resource for keeping up with your assignments and announcements. The website is  From there, you may go to teacher webpages and locate the teacher of your choice.  Go to Daily Agenda to access our Planbook which shows weekly assignments.

Discipline Policy:  Please refer to the Student Agenda to see a school wide discipline policy that is based on demerits.  Any teacher may assign demerits when students are observed not following behavior guidelines.

Hall Passes – Please refer to the Student Agenda for the hallpass rules. 

Entering/Exiting the Classroom

Entering the Classroom – Please enter the classroom quietly, sit in your assigned seat, and begin working on your bellringer. Please have your pencil sharpened before class begins. 

Exiting the Classroom – Please stay in your seats until the bell rings. Please do NOT line up at the door – it’s a safety issue.  I will be the one to dismiss you if we are having class when the bell rings. 

Food/Drink/Gum/Cell Phone Policies

Food - Please do NOT bring food into the classroom.

Drink – Water is ok ~ must be clear water in original bottle.  Please be responsible in taking care of your water bottle.

Gum – If you choose gum, I do not need to see it or hear it.  If so, I will ask you to throw away your gum. If I happen to see gum on the floor or on the desks, we lose our privilege of having gum the rest of the year.  

Cell Phone – Cell Phones are not to be seen or used during school time. First time is a warning, second time, I take it until the end of the day, third time,I turn it into the office.

Listening To/Responding To Questions - Everyone has the right to be listened to when they are speaking. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please raise your hand and wait to be called on. Please do not speak while someone else is speaking. Everyone will have an opportunity to talk.

Substitute/Guest Teachers – The expectation at South Middle School is that students show respect to all people in the building, students and staff alike. When teachers are absent, this respect should extend to your guest teachers. They have a tough job – please show them the utmost respect.

If you finish early– read, study, work on homework…please DON’T disturb others by talking, moving seats, etc. While it may not disturb some, for others it interferes with their ability to concentrate…please be respectful of that.

Make-up Work: It is YOUR responsibility to make up work missed when absent.  Homework may be made up at home.  Please make up all work within five days of your absence.  Again, it is YOUR responsibility to turn in your make up work.  You can check my website for missing work as well.


•Safety: Use classroom materials appropriately. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

•Tolerance: Treat others as you would want to be treated. Accept others and their differences.

•Achievement: Do your personal best and have a positive attitude. Practice good study habits.

•Respect: Use kind, polite language and show consideration for others.

•Responsibility: Come to class prepared with appropriate materials. Be on time!

I have high expectations for you, both academically and behaviorally, and I will do all that I can to help you be successful in meeting those expectations. If you have any questions or if you ever need extra help, please let me know. Looking forward to a wonderful 6th grade year!!  Remember our motto – Nothing but the Best!! 

             Ms. Wendy Wells


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