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Mrs. Brewer’s



Daily Classroom Procedures


Be seated in your assigned seat.

Have all daily supplies out

Sharpen pencil.

Begin working on warm-up.



Talking ceases.

Continue working on warm-up.



Raise hand if you would like the teacher’s attention.

Be productive.

Remain in your seat unless told otherwise.



Please remain seated until you are dismissed by the teacher.


Raising your hand

Raising your hand indicates that you would like my attention.  Please hold all questions until ALL instructions have been given out.  Once you are working independently or within groups, please feel free to raise your hand at any time as long as questions and/or comments are related directly to the task at hand.  Otherwise, please hold your thoughts and speak to me after class, at the end of the day, or the very next morning.


Sharpening your pencil

If your pencil point should break, you should sharpen your pencil with the least amount of disruption possible.  Please wait to sharpen your pencil until I have completed teaching my lesson and/or talking to the class as a whole.  If I feel that you are abusing the privilege of sharpening your pencil, I will require that you ONLY sharpen pencils before class, and ask for permission any time after that.  It would be beneficial to have a pencil sharpener of your own that you can access at any time.


Restroom Use

As with sharpening your pencil, I ask that you wait until all instructions have been given before leaving the room to use the bathroom.  When leaving the room to use the bathroom, please raise your hand to ask permission, bring your bathroom sheet to me to have it signed. Take the required pass.  Only 1 person should leave the classroom at a time, so if someone else is out of the classroom, please wait until they have returned to ask for permission.


Daily Work

Students will be working on System 44 Reading during my class time.  This is a computer based, small group instruction and individual work program.  The program is used to work on deficit areas and is individualized for each student.


Group Work

During some lessons there will be opportunities to work in pairs/group.  Sometimes I will allow students to select their partners, while most of the time I will be assigning students to pairs/groups.  I ask that everyone respect one another when working together. Please do not express disappointment or disapproval of other students within the class.  In addition, all students are expected to contribute to the activity with no one person taking charge of the entire group, and no students relying on other students to do all the work.


Grading Policy

We will use the grading scale set forth by the Franklin County School District.

Each marking period there will be formal tests, quizzes, warm-up activities, class work, and homework assignments.  There will also be other types of informal assessments to periodically check for understanding. District wide assessments will also be administered throughout the year.  Your student’s grade will be broken down as follows: Tests/Quizzes/Assessments 50% of the grade, class work/Computer Interventions/homework 50% of the grade.



Homework will mostly be given if students are absent or have not finished what was expected in class. On occasion, if I feel student’s need more practice, I will assign homework but I plan on getting the majority of the work done in class.



Students are expected to come to class prepared every day with their homework, workbook, spiral notebook, and several sharpened pencils.  Bringing the above list of materials, completing all assignments, and a willingness to learn and participation is crucial for success.


Excessive absences should be avoided.  In the event of an absence, the student is required to make up class and homework assignments.  Any student that is absent should check the homework folder, on the front table, upon their return to school.  Students will have 3 days for each day absent to complete make-up work.


Extra Help

If any student feels he/she needs extra help, has any questions, or needs to stay after school to make up work from an absence, they are encouraged to see me and set up a time.  Please have your student inform me at least one day prior to when they will need to stay after school, so I can plan my own schedule accordingly.


Behavior Expectations

1.       Do things that will not prevent me from teaching, nor you or others from learning.

2.       Respect yourself, others, and your school.

3.       Be responsible.

4.       Listen.

What would prevent me from teaching and others from learning?

1.       Disrespect of any kind

2.       Inappropriate language

3.       Keeping others from learning and feeling comfortable

4.       Lack of self –control

5.       Not taking responsibility for your actions

We will follow the behavior policy that can be found in your Agenda book.

Consequences will be given out on an individualized basis according the violation that has occurred, the severity of the violation, and how often the violation has been a problem within the classroom, as stated in the daily agenda that each student received.

 Please return signatures to Mrs. Brewer.


I have read and understand Mrs. Brewer’s classroom syllabus for 2018-19 school year.


Parent Signature and Date ___________________________________


Student Signature and Date _____________________________________


 Welcome back to a new school year!

 I am super excited about this year.  This year I will be teaching RLA Intervention.  We will be working on closing gaps and hitting deficit areas that your child may be having trouble with.

If you are looking for assignments or missed work, please see the Daily Agenda and click on Planbook.  Once you get into the planbook please look at the period that your child is in.