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Kelli Bush Staff Photo
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I am a wife, mother, sister, chocolate candy lover, Illinois native, and of course, a teacher. Although I have not been in this profession for very long, teaching has always been one of my passions in life. I find joy in not only assisting, but watching children reach their next level of learning; I view teaching as an extremely rewarding job and am happy to say that I have found such an uplifting career. I went to Motlow and Tennessee Tech to obtain a teaching degree in grades K-8 and I am very pleased in my decision to do so!

I have currently lived in Winchester for seven years. Since my arrival, I married my husband John; together we have three children- Janie Mae (4 years old), and twin girls Addie and Clara (3 months old).

For hobbies I enjoy anything outdoors, crafting, sewing, reading, baking and of course spending time with my girls. It is a rare moment that I become bored!

If you have any questions about me, just send an email my way and I will be happy to answer them!