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SMS Students Attend National History Day Competition
Posted On:
Sunday, February 25, 2018
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    On February 23, twelve South Middle School students participated in the Regional National History Day Competitions at MTSU. NHD requires students to research topics within a yearly theme using primary and secondary sources. This year’s theme was Conflict and Compromise. There are five categories in the competition and four of the categories are divided into individual and group. The categories are exhibit, documentary, website, performance, and research paper.

    South had one group performance, two individual performances, two group exhibits, one individual exhibit, and a research paper. Students participating were sixth graders: Case Hoosier and Drevan Gifford (group exhibit); eighth graders: Macee Vincent, Lexi Gober, and Jayleigh McCreary (group exhibit); Laci Stephens, individual exhibit; Ketzel Reynolds (research paper), Lyman Boudreau, Lily Hill, and Eden Sells (group performance), Olivia Pender (individual performance) and Alyia Nave (individual performance). Exploratory teacher, Peggy Hegwood sponsored the entries for NHD.

    Lyman Boudreau, Lily Hill and Eden Sells placed first in group performance with their entry: “Rodgers and Hammerstein: Dealing with Social Conflicts through Musicals.” In their performance, they dealt with social issues in the musicals: Oklahoma!, The King and I, Carousel, South Pacific, and The Sound of Music.

    Olivia Pender placed second in individual performance with “Dinner with FDR: Serving Alphabet Soup.” Using a restaurant setting, she discussed many of the New Deal reforms. Alyia Nave placed third in individual performance with “King Leopold II: The Belgian Killer without Compromise.” In her performance, she discussed the atrocities committed in the late 1800s by King Leopold II of Belgium on the Free Congo State.

    Boudreau, Hill, and Sells along with Pender advance to state competition which will be held April 7 in Nashville for Tennessee History Day. Those placing first or second in state competition advance to nationals which are held in Maryland in early June.

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